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Welcome to the PIPC!

The Protein Interaction Platform Cologne offers help, guidance and device access to characterise protein samples and protein interactions.

If you are also interested in getting structural information on your protein respectively protein complex, consider visiting our Cologe Crystallisation Facility (c2f.uni-koeln.de) or our Plattform for high-resolution cryo-EM (http://strubitem.uni-koeln.de/).

If you have any question feel freel to contact Dr. Jan Gebauer.


2h Mini-Workshop: Introduction to Analytical UltraCentrifugation - Why, How, Where?

The Protein Interaction Platform Cologne (PIPC) hosts a 2h Mini-Workshop on the usage of Analytical UltraCentrifugation…

Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) - please mark the date (30.09.2019)

The PIPc hosts a roughly two hours methodology seminar on analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) on 30.09.2019 ...

Short workshop on MST

Dear users of the PIPC,

On January, 29. Dr Quentin Canelle from NanoTemper will visit us to give a short overview about…

New MST in the PIPc

Since Friday, 28th September we have an MicroScale Thermophorese (MST) NT.115 in our platform. The device was formerly…